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The Museum of Literature Ireland or MoLI for short is a creative alliance between the National Library of Ireland and UCD to promote Ireland’s literary heritage. Rockbrook were tasked with the supply and installation of interactive exhibits, audiovisual systems design and installation.

Project details

Located in the heart of Stephen’s Green in Dublin this collaboration between UCD and the National Library of Ireland has gifted to Dublin a new landmark cultural centre. The center focus on Ireland literary heritage from its early traditions to some of the word’s greatest storytellers. The exhibit also has on display the very first cope of James Joyce’s Ulysses Rockbrook developed and designed all of the audio-visual technology to help bring these stories to the visitor an an interactive fashion.

The centerpiece experience boosts a large expansive projection which interacts in verse with the movement of visitors within the space. A total of 20 ultrasonic and IR sensors tracks movement and dynamically drives quotes of poetry and verse on the projection mapped wall. A series of directional speakers reading the lines in sync with the dynamic video. An extensive 32 track Dante networked audio experience further immerses the visitors to another place. A series of projections and audio exhibits through the center give the visitor opportunities to explore Irelands remarkable literacy history.

Our project team worked with the exhibition designers Ralph Appelbaum Associates and our client Marcon Heritage to integrate and commission all of the audio-visual elements in the centre.


UCD Naughton Joyce Centre, 86 St Stephen’s Green, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin

What the client said...

We wanted to build a robust technical infrastructure from the start, when establishing the Museum of Literature Ireland. At MoLI, Rockbrook installed a complex exhibition system, with a number of bespoke audio-visual components across several floors of the museum – working within challenging constraints of both a treasured historic house and a new construction project. Rockbrook’s solid installation, responsive support service and ability to troubleshoot and problem solve makes them an ideal partner for any exhibition project.
Benedict Schlepper-Connolly
Digital Curator - MoLI
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