Aviva Stadium

This is a world class international stadium with a capacity of 51,700 spectators. It serves as the home for Irish football and rugby as well as being used as a venue for concerts and conferences.

Project details

Over the years Rockbrook have successfully implemented a number of power management, power monitoring and lighting control system projects within the stadium.

We provided a Power Management System (PMS) capable of automated load shedding thus maintaining stable power flow to the stadium systems under normal and grid fault conditions and also provided a lighting control system (LCS) capable of local and central management of stadium, sports, conferencing and suite lighting.

The fully automated PMS is based on Profibus and Modbus technology and is supervised by a redundant server pair that facilitates central control and monitoring of all stadium power requirements. The system also enables grid synchronization and manages the backup generator set of four 0.2MW generators. The system automatically load sheds on a priority basis during critical fault conditions thus maintaining stadium function during events.

A centrally controlled LCS based on KNX and DALI technology facilitates dynamic use of the stadium. The system controls and supervises over 12,500 fittings spanning all areas of the stadium including the main sports lighting. As with the PMS the LCS is based on a redundant server pair controlling almost 1000 KNX control devices. Due to the high level of automation and front end functionality of the PMS and LCS stadium operations can enable various stadium modes within seconds and at the touch of a button.Solutions provided: Power Management System (PMS) | Lighting Control System (LCS).


Aviva Stadium, Lansdowne Rd, Dublin 4, Ireland

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