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Rockbrook Group are a Master System Integrator (MSI) who understand the need to digitalise critical pieces of infrastructure, the systems required, how to connect them, automate them and the cybersecurity needed to protect them.

We can automate, integrate and monitor your infrastructure systems giving you the ability to collect, store, analyse and report your data across multiple systems over long periods of time. This data informs strategies for sustainability, energy savings, equipment performance, maintenance and other cost-saving efforts.


Solutions for infrastructure

Airfield Control System

Rockbrook have provided the Airfield Control System (ACS)  at Dublin airport which co-ordinates Airfield Taxiway and Runway Lighting & Aircraft Ground Orientation of up to 740 aircraft per day. The system enables Air Traffic Controllers to easily and safely guide aircraft around the airfield.

Tunnel Control System

We have provided tunnel control systems to to the Dublin Port Tunnel one the critical peices of infrastructure on the M50 motorway network in Dublin. It provides critical gas monitoring within the tunnel with an alarm system when variances are detected.

Data collection

If you need to collect and display large volumes of data we can help. We implemented a high volume data collection and archiving system for detailed trending and real time analysis of critical operational and environmental data for CAT4 government laboratory facilities.


The increased focus on cybersecurity for smart buildings is being driven by increased adoption of networked IoT devices and the convergence of OT and IT security. As buildings get smarter and more connected we have the knowledge and experience to reduce the threat of outside interference.

EV Chargers

Recent EU directives require an EV recharging point for any building with twenty car park spaces. Not alone can we supply the EV chargers but we can integrate them into your buildings BMS allowing you to control and monitor usage at all times.

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