Industrial automation

Experts in automated systems for industry

We understand industrial automation, the systems involved, how to connect them and just as importantly the cybersecurity required to protect your equipment and facilities. 

We can integrate and monitor your diverse  systems giving you the ability to collect, store, analyse and report your data across multiple systems over long periods of time. This data informs strategies for process improvements, yield improvements, equipment performance, energy savings, sustainability and other cost-saving efforts.


Solutions for industry

PLC programming

We are PLC experts well used to coding, designing intuitive user menus and integrating sensors and controllers into your processes. We have developed our own in-house PLC sequencers and batch controls which results in reduced engineering costs to the client.


People are visual and as such we design our SCADA and HMI terminals to be user friendly and easy to understand. Thanks to our in-house audio visual and graphics team we can design features to suit each client’s individual needs. We even have our predeveloped libraries of templates and objects which allows us to reduce the development time.


Need a new or upgraded Process Control System (PCS)? Rockbrook have a long history of implementing solutions in manufacturing facilities that range from a few simple sensors to thousands of connected pieces of equipment.


A distributed control system (DCS) is typically made up of  autonomous controllers distributed around the manufacturing process. It tends to be used on large continuous process plants where high reliability and security is important.

System design

From distilleries to iconic stout beer producers and life science facilities. The first step is always to evaluate and understand your current processes. Our engineering team will then clearly and concisely design the most appropriate automation solution based on your specific needs.

Network design

We take a step-by-step approach starting with offline system testing and eventually moving to full production testing of actual product. All our software and hardware is rigorously tested and validated to the fullest extent possible to ensure everything is working is it should be before we sign off on the system.

Contract resources

There may be times when it makes sense to outsource project work to an industry expert. It provides a faster way to scale up or scale down a critical project. It avoids the need to hire permanent staff particularly for projects that are seasonal, short term or have an uncertain future.


Our focus in this area is concentrated on identifying and eliminating gaps between your IT and operational technology (OT) layer which could potentially leave your systems vulnerable to malicious attacks. Our cyber security experts can eliminate those gaps.

Real time reporting

No system is complete without reporting functionality that allows you monitor your process in real time and make adjustments if necessary. We can custom design the reports you need and display them in a user-friendly way. Even better they can be accessed and viewed remotely over a secure network or we can display them on a custom video wall.

Data collection

From simple data logging to generating information required to operate the process as efficiently as possible. We can custom design solutions to collect the data you need which is particularly relevant in today’s increasingly regulatory environment that often requires full traceability in the food and beverage industry.

Service agreements

Every project is a partnership between you and us. Once your new system is installed we will always be there for you when you need help. We can provide any level of SLA you require, from basic ad hoc call outs to customised 24/7 365 days a year service level agreements. 

Building management systems (BMS) for industry

We can also provide automated, integrated systems to help maintain and monitor your manufacturing facility. Rockgroup group are an experienced provider of building management systems (BMS), lighting control systems, emergency lighting systems and power solutions.

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